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I know we were and are still biting our nails on this crazy election. The one thing I know is I am gravely disappointed in many Americans moral code of ethics.

How anyone could, or would, tolerate or support Trump and his atrocities against America’s Laws, Beliefs, Fundamentals, Citizens, Occupants, and Allies is dumbfounding.

Let US NOT FORGET the BLATANT aggressive HATRED of other Ethnicities, Religions, Disregard for the Opposite Sex, Affliations with Child Molesters and People Convicted of Fraud, Theft, and Perjury, and possibly Murder due to how COVID-19 was handled. Blatant Bigotry, Xenophobia, and Hatred of Other Sexualities. Aggressive Inciting of Violence, Hate Crimes and Civil Unrest. Most definitely some form of Insider Trading. Crimes Against Humanity. Tax Evasion. Isolating US from OUR ALLIES. Aggressive actions against OUR Planet. NONSTOP LYING. The list is so long, I’m sure I forgot many other things.

I mean how can you support this type of person? What has happened in your life or someone else you know, that would cause you to think any of these things are forgivable, or you could look past? I mean anyone who is making 💰 money, real money because of him, is a crony of his. Majority of the others are your top percentage people, who already had huge money.

That leads me to the point, just as a point of decency alone, why would so many people back this man?

Hopefully I pray Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win. That way we can start to rebuild and grow our country and the World.

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