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Well, this was my hope it would happen Election 2020. Unfortunately, McConnell and Graham won their state elections for Senate. What a waste. Hopefully Trump will be bye bye soon. As in a few hours.

On that note…

Below is a link to an very recent article about what and how Lindsey Graham thinks WOMEN play in life and a ‘WOMAN’S STRUCTURED ROLL‘ in the ‘Traditional Family Structure‘.

It is ABSOLUTELY APPALLING how MISOGYNISTIC some people who have influence or control as leaders in OUR GOVERNMENT are. Their thinking and actions ABHORRENT and beyond ARCHAIC.

This is one of many reasons why these three and their fellow elk must go! Need to start now on the next election to oust McConnell and Graham. We need MODERN eyes, with modern thoughts and ideas, with good values in these positions. It is truly time to.start changing the guard. So, if we start at the top, so be it. But, we can not let up!

I personally don’t care what party. I care what STANCE, and what POSITION a person takes. WHAT ACTIONS a person tends to make. But one thing for sure is we need NEW BLOOD or RESTRUCTURING in these positions.


Adjective: reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women; reflecting or exhibiting ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against women; sexist.

Click either link below to read original article.

Open SmartNews and read Graham Says U.S. Has A ‘Place’ For Women Who Follow ‘Traditional Family Structure’ here:


To read it on the web, tap here: