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In such a torturous and contentious year, so wrought and beleaguered with strife tension, stress and anxiety, we must deal with reality through it all.

I wonder if the loss and pain to the family and friends was worth opening the country fully, exposing needlessly millions, and so many more to come, to a virus, so easily contagious and deadly. Not listening to science or medicine. Not wearing masks. Not limiting social contact to minimal. Instead, choosing to listen to a man who tells them it’s a hoax. Science and doctors are lying, and more. I wonder if .01% medical care was offered to them, as the President received? I wonder how many they came in contact with became infected, infected others, and if any of them died too? So many because they HAD to believe and or support a man that knowingly put their life and those around them at risk, and they ended up losing their life, and who knows whom else’s life.

So, is this winning yet? Or for those still believing this is political, do you personally need to get ill or die for you and or those around you believe it? After all, you may be dead from your lack of belief.

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