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Saw this coming a million miles away. I get our groceries delivered with the PANDEMIC and my healing BROKEN ANKLE. I went ahead and ordered the ‘pandemic hoarder size‘ of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels a couple of weeks ago (first wave I almost wasn’t prepared enough, will not have that happen again). Will ORDER AGAIN on Sunday. I have to remember to get my ORDER EARLY, because of Thanksgiving Day on Thursday. Then should be good for a while, like til Christmas/New Years for Toilet Paper and Paper Towels. Depends on Pandemic, and after I do inventory. Lol.

I will BE STOCKED up in toilet paper and paper towels, as well as, almond milk, that comes in a carton and you don’t have to refrigerate before use (can be soy or powdered, or instant, always good to have plan B, or if you have a big freezer, regular milk).

TIP: You CAN FREEZE MILK – defrost, shake, refrigerate, haven’t tried it with Oat, Cashew, Almond, or Soy Milk yet.

I will have flour 2x, sugar 2x, Trivia (Stevia) 2x, Monk Fruit 2x, Tortillas and Bread (can freeze), cheese (if you are using crumbled cheese like a cheddar or other hard cheese, and even Feta or Blue Cheese, you can freeze that too), steaks, potatoes, fries, cereal, oatmeal, tuna, beans, canned goods, coffee, tea, sparkling water, soda, Crystal Light, seasoning packs, and spices, salts, peppers, candles, paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups or paper cups, couple of crates of eggs, cooking oil, olive oil, bacon and sausage (can freeze), veggies (prep and freeze), zip lock storage bags, trash bags too, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, dog food, dog treats, don’t forget prescription drugs for the entire family if you have them, laundry detergent, bleach, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, bandages, sewing kit, batteries (I’m actually going to order rechargable ones too, as power can go out easily with a fallen tree).

I did recently buy a solar/hand crank, rechargable by ac adapter with light and with phone charging adapters and radio handheld device (amazon.com $40), and we have endless battery operated ones too.

I will have Brownie mix and all the special side stuff too. Asprin (baby), Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve, Pepto, Tums Chewables, Milk of Magnesia, cotton pads and balls, q-tips(ear swabs), salt, vinegar, vitamins, protein powder, nuts, chips, dip in jars that don’t need refridgeration until opened, queso, pretzels, meats both refrigerated and non refrigerated, Chocolate, frozen pizza, frozen pot pies, frozen burritos, bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, preserves, soup, crackers, Triscuts, Gold Fish, Fish Fillets, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Buns, lunch meat, snacks, chocolate chips, all the stuff to make my custom trail mix, large OJ (buy frozen too), cheese, candy, foil, plastic wrap, storage bags, parchment, and more.

Basically all bunker kinda stuff, and backup fridge stuff I can freeze or store. Also, a few treats we really like.

TIP: Make sure you have PROPANE (if you use it for winter grilling, we do), WOOD, FIRE FLUID, FIRE STARTER STICKS, MATCHES, LIGHTERS and etc. Our grocery store sold out of propane tanks a couple of weeks ago, so we’ll be getting one this week.

TIP: Also, for our home, we use Propane, the type with a tank for the house. ORDER NOW, if low, as you might have to wait a week or more.

TIP: A lot of foods, once cooked, you can freeze.

TIP: Save those plastic containers and go grandma style, and reuse them.

Mind you, I saw this coming, so I’ve been stocking up for about a month, plus, I keep a pretty inventoried house, so I’ve worked our items list down for emergency and cold weather and etc.

By the way, absolutely loving getting my groceries delivered. Almost all grocers deliver now, and usually for free first time delivery, or very inexpensive. You choose time that they have that suits you. They bring it right to your door. Usually $3.95 – $6.95, or free for delivery. HANDS FREE and ZERO CONTACT DELIVERY. I use Safeway, which is a Kroger store. In Vegas I did it with Albertson’s, couldn’t stand the heat. Now I grocery shop for 98% via online grocery. I also use Amazon.com grocery. F.y.i.

Oh, an interesting fact, my grocery store service delivery, or curbside, does not take tips. Same as when they walk you out to your car, here. Now in Vegas, if they walk you to car, they take tips, so you might be tipping in Vegas. They also ALL (almost) have apps. Check your grocery store rules and etiquette on the tip thing. If you don’t know, call them. I did.

TIPS: Also, here is a really interesting thing too. I SAVE MONEY 💰💰💰 for the WEEKLY SALE ITEMS, then, I SAVE MONEY 💰💰💰 for being a STORE SHOPPER, but then, I SAVE MONEY 💰💰💰 for being a REWARDS MEMBER (when the store has your phone number). I even SAVE MONEY 💰💰💰 on the DELIVERY SERVICE too. Most store delivery minimums are $30. On average, I save 30-50% on my groceries PER DELIVERY. For me, that is anywhere from $50-$100.00 savings. PLUS, I still EARN NEW SAVINGS POINTS TOWARDS GAS OR MY FUTURE GROCERIES. Amazon, depends on if you have Amazon Prime and what you are buying as to your delivery fee. I use my prime for food, movies, podcasts, music, books, and services. Well worth the $130 or whatever it is. I think I originally bought it at $99 per year. I recently just added their unlimited books (Kindle) and podcasts and audio books service for an additional $30 per year. Also highly recommend.

In case you did not know this, Amazon has a discount section, a deals of the day section, a hot deals per hour, a closeout, and more. Really explore that sight. As well as Amazon owns Whole Foods I believe, so you have that too.

These days you have to stay on top of the game of life, to really stretch that dollar. Make your money work for you.

Hell, even Walmart has a receipt savings plan and delivery, so does Costco and Sam’s. Work that system. Be prepared and save you some money.

I also want to note, most of your local businesses do either have delivery or curbside pickup, and rewards programs. You simply have to ask. I am all for supporting local and small businesses.

It should be noted, that most of the time when you order from Amazon, you ARE ORDERING from Small to Medium Businesses. Same with eBay and Etsy. So, do not be freaked out about online shopping. I have found whether ordering from my Safeway, or local business, or Amazon, I always get great looking food to my specs. Almost always in stock too.

Here in Washington State, there is a 25% capacity per grocery store. So, this is freaking awesome. I do recommend put your order in 2-3 days before delivery now. The way it works is you order one day, let’s say Wednesday, and usually you can have it delivered the next day, arriving in your slot time picked as soon as Thursday, or any day after. Well, with the pandemic and holidays, you order Wednesday, your new 1st available slot time is Friday or Sunday, maybe even Monday for a popular time.

TIPS: Other things to note, GROCERY SALE PRICING is from WEDNESDAY THRU TUESDAY typically. Then when you order and you have clipped all your bonus saving stuff in the app (take your time and get to know the app), you will check out. Read the fine print. The pricing they are QUOTING you is the ESTIMATED PRICING, based upon them having ALL ITEMS YOU ORDERED (make sure to check each item and indicate if you will.take a substitute in size, or brand, or no substitute). However, this does not include extra member pricing if you clipped coupon or not and etc.

So, they temporarily charge your card one amount, as a hold for approval, and email you the actual itemized receipt with the actual amount. It should be noted, when ordering a BOGO (buy one, get one free) you have to order 2, the deduction comes at the end. The same with certain items you have to buy x amount to receive discount.

Once your groceries arrive, they will come with an itemized receipt. This will tell you on any substitutions or any unavailable items, and a detailed itemized list of everything delivered. Just like fast food, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS compare what is in the bag versus what you ordered, and what, they packed, as in substitutions or if an item was unavailable.

I also WIPE DOWN MY GROCERY PACKAGING when I put it up, and make sure to WASH MY HANDS. Better safe than sorry. Take precautions people.

TIP: ALWAYS check http://www.Amazon.com for ANY pantry item. You can save a freaking bundle and get it delivered in a couple of days or even same day in some places. But plan on 2-7 days depending on what it is.

I hope this blog helped. The key is STAY SAFE AND STRETCH THAT DOLLAR where you can.

Be safe.

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