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In case this is your first time to my blog, let me tell you a little about me. I am a total Geek. I am a Nerd for sure. I am a Freak too. I am a Sexy Beast kinda girl. That being said, I am all for letting your Freak Flag fly. Your Geek Flag too. Own your Need Power. Strut your stuff, like the sexy beast you are.

All that being said, yeah I said it. I L-O-V-E Marvel, DC, Comic Books, Anime, Animation, Graphics, Puzzles, all the good stuff. Yep. This is that! So, as ALL of the Marvel and DC Universes and more, I shall surely watch this. My only hope is I can order it ‘On Demand’, instead of going to a theater. Curl up with the hubby and doggies ad our own concessions, and VIOLA!

I am currently living that I can watch so much of the DC and Marvel Universes on Netflix. Awesome sauce!!!

Go Batman and Cast!

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