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So, this awesome mom and dad decided to create fun during Coronavirus, aka COVID-19 for their little ones, and themselves. They created and made a whole homemade movie theater, with ticket purchase window, concession stand, lit aisle walkways, and more. I would just go over the top probably. Black out curtains, black sheets on the walls to make wall curtains, and the room darker. Make it a day and or night.

We have a popcorn machine, and ice cream/frozen yogurt/frozen fruit cream maker, Ice Cream Shake Maker and a Margarita Machine, so that would be my ideal setup, just add my brownies, and Sour Candies. Boom!

(this is the actual one I own, we also have an air popper too for when we try to be good)
I made some crazy brownies. These are waffle cone and 6 different dark chocolate chips and chunks from around the world, with Walnuts and sprinkled powdered sugar.
My next batch is with flaked coconut and walnuts. They ran out of Cashews, so walnuts it is.
This is the actual machine we use. You can make with alcohol or without, and even Slurpees (ref. 7Eleven). Yeah baby.

In today’s times, you gotta think out of the box. So many thing you can buy previously enjoyed in Good, great condition, or even new in box, through groups on Facebook or Next Door App, or even Google. You just have to look and be creative. What’s something cool that you are doing? Or want to try or do?

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