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This is where we are. With possible hope in sight, we still have such a very long road ahead. In reality, we probably won’t be able to become a stable economic, and somewhat normal, functioning society, until sometime mid 2022. That is reality.

First, it is about receiving the properly handled, initial dose, vaccine, as they are to be handled under specific conditions. Then, waiting and hoping you don’t get infected before the second dose. As there is a lag time, an incubation time, before you can receive the second dose. That doesn’t even account for availability of your second dose, or any other variables that can happen between doses, to that equation.

You then go through having just one dose, to be noted, the vaccine goes from approximately 95% effectiveness in prevention, to 52% effectiveness. That is provided there is no allergic reaction of course. There is also the fact of where you are in line to receive the vaccine in the first place.

There is a whole process to receiving the vaccine, its effectiveness, and its still unknown duration of effectiveness. Plus, will a “booster shot” be needed, and when, and to whom? Meanwhile, people waiting to go though the process, or are going through the process, or who for whatever reason, can not take the vaccine still have a fight on their hands.

People are fighting (most of us, meaning those who are using precautions), simply not to catch the life threatening virus. Waiting for our vaccine.

That brings us to Trump. Trump mismanaged this Pandemic from his very first knowledge of it. Everything from calling it a hoax, a political roux, to saying it was going to magically go away, or it is insignificant, and will fade away like yesterday’s news. Going against known evolving science and medical professionals knowledge and advice, and, on a daily tweet filled diatribe. Endlessly touting gibberish, and baseless lies, and falsehoods. Going as far as to even mock, and ridicule, those who were, and are taking precautions. Regularly minimizing the known magnitude of the situation. Only seeming to care about his status, opinion, and followers endless, usually hate filled, adoration. His flock.

He went as far as to threaten businesses, schools, city and state officials, to push to reopen everything, even as our numbers were climbing dramatically nationally. Hospitals and emergency centers filled to capacity and beyond, he continued. Not for the people’s best interest sake, but for the ‘Markets’ sake. He never warned the people of the magnitude of what we could face. NIR, did he take actions immediately to defend against the pandemic. It is a now known fact, we could have saved over 110,000 people. He did however, tell some of his cronies about it. His personal group he let in the loop. We now know they profiteered off the knowledge, buying and selling stocks and commodities in cinjunction with the Pandemic.

Of course, as if things weren’t already bad enough, rather than lead a nation with facts about the pandemic, or lead the nation by example on prevention, he went on and on with falsehoods, misguiding, and leading some of his followers to illness, and some to an ultimate death sentence.

Not withstanding the fact that he and his political ilk, have withheld, or stalled, much needed emergency funds, and stimulus for people who need it for food, housing, survival. Instead using it as hostage for negotiations.

Does this sound like how a real Leader, let alone our Leader, should have acted, and still does act now? Instead he only concentrated and still is only concentrating on HIS election, AND HIS adoration, by HIS followers, HIS flock. All while still lying and spreading false propaganda.

Let me ask you, how are these actions, that could have saved hundreds of thousands livelihood, health, and possible lives not criminal? At the very least actions committed by a sociopathic, narcissistic, person.

This article breaks down some of his actions, the psychosis of Trump essentially. A very interesting read.

Open SmartNews and read “Mental health expert: ‘Mass killer’ Donald Trump’s ‘preoccupation’ with election shows his ‘extreme indifference to human life’” here:


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