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So let me get this straight, getting a pic w/fake Santa is worth getting sick, or dying, and or infecting your whole household, or someone else’s? Wow. F’kn photoshop Santa! Lie and tell them they will see santa in a few weeks, he’s super busy right now. UGH!!! This folks is why there are restrictions and quarantine.

Everytime you place blame, just think of all the ways this could have been prevented, a long time ago. Masks! Social distance! Take precautions! Dont be an A**hole!!!

I wonder if they think about who won’t be alive for Valentine’s Day now. Or, who permanently has their business shuttered. Or who lost their home, because they were let go, they are unemployed now. Or why the kids aren’t in school. All because of their selfishness.

Open SmartNews and read “Nearly 50 Georgia kids may have been exposed to COVID-19 after photo op with Santa” here:


To read it on the web, tap here: