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What an A**hole!!! Completely irresponsible!!! Then people wonder why there are restrictions and quarantine. They should give a citation to everyone one of these selfish misguided assholes! Apparently, only when money is involved, particularly theirs, or they themselves, or someone they love get sick or die, will they give a f*k about taking precautions.  Watch and see, this stupidity will create another spreader event.

I mean people are losing their lives, homes, no food on table, jobs, livelihood, lifestyle, time, and most importantly, THEIR LIVES!!! And, he and his FLOCK, pull this bullshit! How f’king selfish are you. Then claiming it is under God? Freaking children, and elderly, and all ages in between are DYING!!! Getting sick as hell!!!

When will people learn, COVID-19 isn’t f’king political. It is MEDICAL!!! THIS COMPLETELY PISSES ME OFF!!!

‘Growing Pains’ Star Kirk Cameron Holds Massive Christmas Carol Gathering https://www.tmz.com/2020/12/15/growing-pains-star-kirk-cameron-chistmas-carol-gathering/