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They should! We are the laughing stock of the WORLD, because Republicans got their feelings hurt. They can’t even distribute a vaccine without making it political. They can’t provide Stimulus checks that are more than less than $3.50/hr.

Then they have the audacity to call ANYONE ELSE A SNOWFLAKE? To be violent? To blatantly lie, and go to any lengths, including break the law, and go against The Constitution. Talk about hypocrites! Well, all those morons gathered in DC, and various places throughout U.S.A., mask-less, non social distancing, violent, reckless, negligent, and apparently stupid. If they get COVID-19, they bloody well deserve it.

The people spoke, and Trump loss. It’s funny, the ‘Election’ was ‘stolen’, but only for Trump. All the other Republicans on the same ballot that won, that is accurate. Pure insanity. Then you have Loeffler who lost by 1.2% or about 60,000 votes wants to contest in Georgia? Really? Look lady, your sorry ass lost. You were never ELECTED in the first place. As for Perdue, he just sucks, and is shady as hell, he is losing by 16,000, and is going to lose.

It is really sad when people refuse to see corruption over being ‘entitled’ or ‘white enough’. The Republicans need to go back home, really think about their sense of morality and ethics. Do some f’kn soul searching. Then have a come to Jesus Aha moment, and rebuild a brand with common sense, and ethics. One which seemingly long ago were founded on. Not this current sh*t show they currently are.