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These are some of the 100+ Domestic Terrorists who the F.B.I. are ACTIVELY looking for. They committed numerous crimes including participating in a Attempt Coup, and an Insurgance.

So just woke up, let the dogs out, opened up the house. Going to make some cinnamon rolls. Have my much needed hot tea. There is a TV, or streaming device, in every room we use. As a Writer, and my husband, a Trader and Developer, it is imperative that we stay current on events, and the markets. So imagine to my chagrin as a US citizen, when they are talking about in interviews this morning, how some GOP leaders are happy that the U.S. Government was disrupted yesterday by Trump, and his cult.

Now let’s address this. As the words are coming out of their mouths, below them is a streaming Footer of other news. In the Footer, it is reading that live bombs were found in the Capitol Building from yesterday’s terrorists, around the building, and at other terrorist rallies nationwide. Now they know this.

The Footer continues on to say, the bombs were very real, and had to be safely detonated. They also found many, many, Molotov Cocktails, fully ready to set arson. Once again, they know this.

The F.B.I. is actively and aggressively, seeking any, and all information to track down people involved, seen taking pictures, or provoking, or they themselves breaking the law, and part of the domestic terrorists attack.

They need to invoke the 25th Amendment, not because it has baring now to kick Trump out, but because it prevents him from ever running again, and more. Most importantly right now, they prevent Trump from being ACTIVE PRESIDENT. That means he would no longer have access to the Nuclear Codes, could not invoke war, or a Coup, and God knows what else.

They also need to remove ANY GOP LEADER that thinks yesterday’s behavior needed to happen. As that implies, they are fine with it happening again. They are unpatriotic, believe in civil insurgance behavior, believe in coup behavior, and believe in all the lies, rhetoric, and conspiracist nonsense that stirs weak minded people, to commit violent, deadly acts, on Americans, on American Soil, and against our Democracy.

If you think yesterday was ok, and acceptable, you are the problem. Four people died because of it. Many more were planned.

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Below is a link to a TMZ published article with 100+ individual’s pictures sought by the F.B.I.

FBI on the Hunt for D.C. Rioters, Capitol Police Talks Response