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Have you guys seen this? Everyone of these people need to be investigated. Wow. I didn’t know it was this crazy, treasonist, or murderous. WHOA! I had only partially knew Parlor even existed, and from what I heard, had zero desire to investigate.

I thought it was some kinky hookup platform, or radical right platform, or both. Since I like being in the center, was not my cup of tea. Not a platform filled with people wanting to commit murder, treason and all sorts of lunacy. WOW!!! Even when I found out it was basically a conservative, racist, platform with people I consider ‘mentally and spiritually unhinged’, I didn’t think, or know, that it was a platform to plot, plan, and gather.

Basically, if the KKK, anti-Semitic, radical ‘Christian’, religious cult zealots, and insurgents had a baby, this was ‘their’ home. How sad people harbor so much intense hate for their fellow man. So many, because of color, religion, sex, sexuality, nationality, or just raised with hate, and or anger, and venom. So many, with intense authoritarian issues. So many, mentally disturbed. So many, who hate our country, but claim they love our country. Sad, misguided, lost, many pathetic, angry, hostile, volatile, agressive, dangerous people. Not all are beyond severe. But most, need to be investigated and probably legal action taken about them. Down right scary. Where the f’k did these people come from? Wow.

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