How sad. The Pandemic and Economy is hard enough. But all this violence and murder is beyond heartbreaking.

The Pandemic has brought out the worst character defaults in so many. Some people I don’t think even knew they had, or were capable of. To compound the situation, we have seen in more than most cases, within the home, a dramatic use of alcohol, and an uptick in drug use, legal, illegal, pill, and otherwise. This resulting in magnifying, and heightening people’s emotions, and attitudes, responses, and actions. Many times in destructive, mental and physically harmful ways, and actions.

Many times with women, children, elderly, and animals being on the recipient of these actions. A intensified, cause and effect situation is now happening. In many overly masculine dominant cultures, and or homes, this has reached a new pinnacle, many times turning into abuse, with brute strength and mental force. Puerto Rico seems to have fallen into this hole of dispair. On top of the Economy, and the Pandemic, they have been getting just crucified with natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Puerto Rico truly is a country that needs many prayers, much help, and much guidance. They need light and hope, to rebuild and heal.

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