I am always learning, and endless reading and researching. One of my favorite social media platforms is Pinterest. You truly can learn an infinite amount on practically any subject from there, as well as be directed to links with details. You can even purchase from many vendors on there.

Well, this year is all about taking care of my health (Spiritually, Mentally, Physically). I am really starting to come together in thought and direction (we’ll talk more about that later). I refer to Pinterest often. With endless topics, and sources, it is quite resourceful.

I’ve decided I’m going to share my nuggets I find. I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

As you will notice, I am quite interested in Homeopathic wellness, DIY living, being frugal, being balanced, being creative.

I do, and will try, to make each image as fully legible as possible. I will also try and offer extra details too. All topics you should be able to Google, if you should have any elaborate questions, as well.

Feel free to comment, or ask me questions below. Also please feel free to share my of my blog post.