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Yeah for all you non maskers, non vaxxers, non believers, you keep on keeping on. I’m not going to ask you to try and be safe. Instead, I will wish you well, and pray you stay healthy. The rest is solely on you. Meanwhile, me, who loves life and living, will gladly wear my mask and take precautions.

My husband and I went out to lunch, first time in well over a year (we didn’t in 2019), they had sanitizer EVERYWHERE, plastic curtains between 8-10 foot minimum separated tables, staff fully masked. Salt and pepper brought out in throw away packs, straws, 90 minute limitations on meals, full menu, and masks requirements for all times when not at table. We had a blast, killer food, stared out at the marina and ferries. Oh, and we ate indoors in the outdoor enclosed dining. Basically, a permanent structure that the windows are massive and can unzip I think (or they open). On a Monday.

We’ve order outstanding Mexican the week before, for pickup, too

I’m not saying give up your life. I’m saying be smart. Wear your mask, social distance, use sanitizer.

I have to consult with a doc before I can vax because of my allergies. Penicillin and Flagyl, and so many other make me violently sick. But, if given an ‘green light’, I will when ever I qualify. We’re at the bottom of the totem pole practically.

I’m saying use COMMON SENSE. DON’T VOLUNTEER to be SICK or DEAD because of politics, pride, or ignorance. The VIRUS DOES NOT CARE about ANY POLITICS, YOUR PRIDE, or YOUR IGNORANCE.

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