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Years ago, my husband and I remodeled our entire house in Houston, Texas. Well, as you know, I love to cook. So, I wasn’t going to lose that part of my life due to a full kitchen remodel.

Today, one of my cooking clubs asked the group, how to manage the missing kitchen. Here are my tips.

You can get a mini freezer to add space. Same with a fridge only mini fridge. Bigger than the one 3 feet tall. They can max capacity. And little foot print. Let’s start there.

Next, you store them for indefinte use in your garage/game room/home office/laundry room and etc. We did an entire house remodel all at once. This was imperative and a life safer.

So was a gas grill. We ended up having a gas grill, and a charcoal grill, and a fire pit. It totally worked out. If you have covered out door patio area w/ outlet for your fridge and freezer, you can also keep them there later on. You will not regret it.

These two options were great later, as I could use the gridles on my gas stovetop, in my oven, or on my grill. The extra burners were great for big meals and parties. Win win. Once again. Small foot print, can always use.

Also your friend, is a multi use table. Depending on your remodel. You can always use a table. I liked the collapsible one. I used it in my game room and at my factory too.

Almost lastly, power supply to a mini stovetop, coffee machine, microwave, blender, margarita machine, air fryer. Good for indoors or out. Oh yeah, a full remodel takes bloody forever. This is a game changer. You an use this bad boy anywhere.

I made sure to have paper plate chargers. I use them still EVERY DAY! Unless a fancy meal, or in the mood, me and paper plates are friends. I have them in black and blue. Different brands, different styles. Some are scooped, some are more flat. They come in standard size and larger.

You now can be ready for all things food during a remodel or an event.

Side note: This is on my purchase list for this year.

Something for my truck.

Then these too:

We may be in a pandemic, but we are still living and loving life.