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Worse Grammys EVER!!! If I want to see stripping, or gyrating, or whatever the f*ck that was, I would do it, or go to a club. It was so distracting, I couldn’t even pay attention to the mostly crappy music. Ugh! I had to turn it off.

I mean even with dubbed over music, they couldn’t even lip sync, most of the acts sucked. And quite frankly I totally didn’t get the clothes for most of them. Some, just shouldn’t have been wearing that, others, why were they wearing that. At some point it was just creepy and offensive.

Ugh! Way too surreal to. What ever happened to someone singing and performing. What the f*ck with sex positions, and some of the words in these songs were so random, all in relation to sex. Scissoring?!?!?!! I mean who is thinking they want to see any one these folks have sex and sing, or sing about sex on the damn GRAMMYS! Ok.

I’m not talking about sexy songs, all Barry White style. I’m talking about F*CKING and how explicitly they thought we cared how they do it, or want to do it.

What a waste. I’m all for sexuality, and sexiness. But, there is a time, place, medium, and forum. The show SUCKED!

Read ERSKINE take on the Grammys. Apparently, I was not alone.