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Coffee does make you poop, but it’s not because of caffeine.

I have seemingly been drinking coffee or Chicory coffee, almost as long as I was able to walk. Even as an adult, we ended up founding, owning, and operating a coffee company. From green bean imported from the Coffee Belt around the world, to your k-cup machine. Needless to say, I have had my share, and many others, shares of various coffees from around the world, and Chicory coffee.

Unlike most people, coffee doesn’t keep me awake, it mellows me out instead. But, it definitely helps my my digestive track.

I mix various coffee origins, grinds, and stages (instant, drip, Arabica, Infused, Robusto, espresso, Turkish, mud style, syrup style, cold brew, bullet proof, hot, dbl caffeinated, and etc) into so much. I mix it in my smoothies, my baked goods, on my brownies and cookies, especially sauces, gravies, marinades, ice cream, syrups, even with my Dirty Chai’s and etc.

The one thing that has always been consistent with me ingesting coffee, is it works great on keeping the rest of me regular and getting rid of bloating as a diuretic. If you know what I mean. But, you always gotta drink enough water, otherwise you can have a reverse effect, due to dehydration.

Good to know, I’m not he only one. Lol.