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For the record, I would NEVER CYBER DATE someone through some sort of DATING APP. I find the whole concept beyond disturbing. I find them impersonal, disconnected, non engaging. I find them strange in general. I prefer the old fashion way. Random meeting, or introduced. Not just put your stats in an algorithmic program, and be displayed to prospects, and pick or pass other displayed prospects. All from the comfort of the couch, or toilet, in any setting. Then all the lying. Catfishing … WTF! Exaggeration, and more.

Most of these apps are basically sex screening apps, swipe this way, or that. Then of course, the dangerous side. The violent, aggressive, or passive aggressive, verbal, and/or physical, stalker, psycho, or rage filled. The ‘CYBER TROLLS‘, as we all refer to them. You know, the nameless, hide behind a keyboard type, and then get on that crazy train of cyber annonimity, with a ‘secret’ identity, or ‘hidden’ persona of slightly crazy, to beyond crazy, to flat out psychotic, or sociopathic.

Well, with the Worldwide Pandemic, loneliness, insecurity, uncertainty, financial instability, and mental illness, having really taken center stage with so many people. Enter into the equation, cyber dating, and connecting.

The pandemic really has brought out a new type of persona in some people. One of anger, fear, and hatred. Manipulation and rage, out of control, and unchecked.

I’m NOT saying ALL CYBER DATING is horrific. But, it is definitely not getting better. I personally would want to meet someone just out and about, at a place I go to (in person, or online), or through random friends (in person, or online). Go on the awkward dates (in person, or zoom), fall in love, or fall in like, find your forever, or forever right now, in person, on the phone, or zoom. Just not some ‘DATING APP‘. Ugh!

As far as I’m concerned it is just a matter of time before there is the CYBER WEBSITE DATING SERIAL KILLER, or VIOLENT MASS PREDATOR. I hate to say it, but, with the way the world is now. So many predators, so much new prey. That’s reality. That brings me to the topic at hand. ‘Cyber Dating Rejection Violence‘.

Cyber Dating Rejection Violence‘, is ‘Violence’ committed by people through ‘Cyber Dating’, that is placed upon others because of ‘REJECTION’. It is referred to as ‘Violence‘, because ‘Verbal Abuse‘ is a form of ‘Violence‘, amongst many ‘ACTS of VIOLENCE‘ committed.

Basically, one party ends their ‘Cyber Relationship‘ (for ANY REASON, in ANY STAGE of CONTACT, and COMMUNICATION with the Other Party), the ‘Other Party‘ continues communication, and contact, now being ABUSIVE, AGGRESSIVE, sometimes only through ‘Cyber Communication‘. Others, will commit ‘Violence in Person‘, including PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, which can turn DEADLY.

The article in the HIGHLIGHTED LINK BELOW details what is happening in Australia, and abroad. I wrote this blog piece because I am sure it is happening here in the U.S.A. too. This article also details acts against Women, specifically. I’m sure, for a fact, that it is happening to Men too. Violence does not discriminate. Violence is all about perceived taken and abused power.

Stay Informed, Stay Alert. Stay Safe. {{{Hugs}}}

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