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You probably didn’t know this, but, my hair totally skipped the grey hair phase. It is turning NUCLEAR NEON WHITE! I’m talking Anderson Cooper White Hair. However, it’s not streaks, it’s like random.

On a side note for a sense of humor: Did you know your hair grows in new parts of your body as you get older. Like a woman getting chin hair and etc. Hormones baby, fucking hormones. Bonus: Did you know wherever you grow hair, anywhere on your body, can change color? As in turn white or grey? Even your Nose Hairs, Armpit Hair, Legs, and yes Crotch!

Needless to say, I have endless hair remover/removal products. Lol. Not including a full service salon amount of hair products for my entire body! Lol 🤣🤣🤣 This chic does not play when it comes to that!

So, my hair isn’t consistently enough white to transition. Plus, I’m way too vibrant an energy to do that yet. So much so I’m getting my hair colored Electric Blue (that’s the goal), this Friday. After a year and a half of broken ankle and pandemic, FINALLY able to get it colored. Amen! Amen, Lord. It really throws me out of sorts not to be vibrant, inside and out. That includes my hair.

That leads me to this trend. It is totally BADASS! I LOVE THESE EXAMPLES! If I were to do a White Hair Look. It would have to be the one picture below.

Me with my original Electric Blue hair. 6.5 years ago. That’s where it all began for me.
Me 4 years ago.
Me 2 years ago.
I love this color too. I want brighter for Spring/Summer.
I love this color too. I want brighter for Spring/Summer.
I would kill (figuratively of course) for any of these EXCEPT top right.
If I did something in the White Hair fashion.
I like this one too!

Where are you at with your hair? I wanna see comment and or pictures in the comment section. We all have Pandemic hair these days. Hell, even our pooches do. They get their hair done April 12th. I had to make their appointment in February for that. The wait-list is INSANE for good groomers here or surrounding areas.

Open SmartNews and read “‘Gray Blending’ Is the Gorgeous New Way to Transition Your Hair” here:


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