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So there is this young lady, in Russia I believe, who does the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL BRAIDS.

Update: Here’s the story. I originally saw some of the pictures on Pinterest. Then I Googled @another_braid. This is where it led me to.

We recently discovered the Instagram page  @another_braid and cannot believe the braid magic that was in front of our eyes.  Post after post of incredible braids, including GREAT video education, we HAD to get the details on the master behind the creations.

Trendafilka Kirova, who lives in Veles, Macedonia,  is as passionate about braiding hair as anyone we’ve ever connected with. She creates actual works of art, twists, turns, plaits, braids, bushels and beauty—and although she is a licensed hairstylist, she is completely self-taught on how to do braids.
Formerly an accountant and internal auditor with a masters in economics—yes, really—she decided to switch careers and found herself the perfect home in hair. “I definitely don’t regret my decision!” says the mother of two (and, yes, daughter is always happy to serve as a model for her braids!).

Kirova works as a freelance stylist, now, and uses her Instagram platform to showcase her braiding skills to the world. “I love that you can show the world your creative side through this platform,” she says. “There are endless opportunities with braiding. Each braid has its own unique beauty.”
Kirova is inspired by all the creative stylists out there—and although she describes her home country as “tiny,” her dreams and inspiration are big and unstoppable.

Make sure to give her a follow to see some of her incredible hair creations! We see you, Trendafilka Kirova!