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So I’m getting my Hormones, Night Terrors, and Insomnia finally treated again. We are settling in here nicely and for quite a while. So, now is a good time.

Had to go to new doctor, new town. Well, today was my follow-up to my original appointment. It started off well. My BP 100/62, the nurse looked at me and asked if I was feeling ok. I said yeah, why is my blood pressure high? I get nervous at the doctor’s. She was like, ‘NO!’, “In fact it’s really low”. I go on to tell her, my normal BP is 90/70 and has been known to drop to 70/60. That’s too low, but, between 110-85/70-60, I’m good, usually great. Next up Gyno for Hormone replacement, my shizz feels all out of sorts. She set up my referral. I HATE MENOPAUSE!!!! I just want to live inside my refrigerator constantly. In the middle of the night I’m ripping covers off, ripping clothes off, shoving my dog over to my hubby, sleep walking to the cold bathroom. Then, waking sorta up, and thinking, ok, might as well pee. Only to go back to bed, now with the fuck awake!!! This is why I now do sound sleep meditation. It works. At least it get me 1-2 hours very light sleep. That’s something.

And a Psychiatrist, for my life long severe Night Terrors and Insomnia. Wish me luck. Anyone else dealing with the Menopause from HELL!!! I swear it’s like the worst never ending mentstral cycle EVER, without the mess!!! Plus these freaking hot flashes, have me seeing sideways! Ugh!!! Sorry for the over share. I just know I can’t be alone in this hell!

Oh, they wanted to give me a blood Liver test, because we are trying to zero in on my hormones. Could not tap a vein after 4 stick tries today. I’m really hard to get blood from. So I have to binge on fluids, and she wants me to have hot water run over my hands right before the retry to stick me again tomorrow. I already drink about 90-120oz. of infused water a day. 🤷 But I’m on a mission, this is the year I take care of myself! From my accidents, and taking mass Tylenol prescription, and Hydrocodone, and Naproxen, OTC Tylenol, Tylenol PM, Advil, and Advil Pm, Aleve, Melatonin, and sleep meds, I may have over worked my liver. I’ve had a really crappy two years health wise. Broken bones, sprained bones and ligaments, acute Allergies, Anaphylaxis from crazy bites (Gnats, Mosquitos, even a fuxxing CLAM bit me!), SUPER GERD, Stress, SUPER NIGHT TERRORS, my forever Clumsiness, and endless Insomnia. It is time for me to make the time for the docs.

She told me they have some new meds that won’t make my dreams even more lucid. Why I hate to fuxxing sleep. Talk about welcome to Hell, with a constant heavy dose of Deja Vu’, or a feeling of something coming, and then it actually does. Ugh!!!! That constant feeling of the surreal.

This body needs some sleep. Like real sleep. I use my Fitbit, and Samsung Watch to.track my sleep. I’m getting about 2-4 hours total sleep, and less than an hour REM sleep, usually more like 12-30 minutes a night. Thus, I usually need a cat nap for.10-15 minutes a day during the day. But, haven’t been able to do that for a while.

If I want to be the fittest me possible. I gotta fix it, fix me. If you have something that doesn’t feel right health wise, now is the time to get that shit checked out! Life and living are too precious to feel out of sorts, whack, or just down right bad!