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Research finds narcissists arenot just self-absorbed, they’re also more likely to be aggressive.

We recently reviewed 437 studies of narcissism and aggression involving a total of over 123,000 participants and found narcissism is related to a 21% increase in aggression and an 18% increase in violence.

Brad Bushman, Professor of Communication and Psychology, The Ohio State University and Sophie Kjaervik, PhD Student in Communication, The Ohio State University

It is of no surprise to me about the results when combined of these studies. As a person that grew up in a medical family, specializing in Psychiatrics, specifically the Criminally Insane. It was only natural, as an avid reader, to be curious about their work, even from a very young age.

This ended up with me, even as an adult, throughout the years, working and volunteering in several avenues of Mental Health, in all age categories and health categories. This includes born with afflictions, those that are induced to afflictions by drugs and alcohol, and those that have suffered mental breaks for whatever reason.

I have spoken with Sociopaths, Murderers, Rapists, Victims, and more. Each one having quite a story.

I’m my experiences, and the hundreds of Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Therapist, Counselors, Doctors, and Patients, the common thread amongst the Criminally Insane, was their deep feeling of superiority, entitlement, and enflated self-worth. This was well observed from Children to Elderly. Many being described as Sociopathic, having zero empathy for anything except what applies to them.

This is an EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE ARTICLE – MUST READ. It breaks down not just the various studies, but expanded details regarding the turns of the newly identified, and created Narcissist. How Social Media has changed the landscape of Narcissism, and how it has instigated a dramatic uptick in Narcissist’s aggitations, and increase in violence.


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