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This article I just came across is about ECONOMICS and most importantly HEALTH.

‘Last week, Moderna held its fourth annual Science Day. In this virtual event for investors, the company laid out its research and development plans. But the biotech’s top scientists also sounded an alarm reminiscent of Paul Revere’s famous call that the British were coming. In this case, though, Moderna’s warning was that new COVID-19 waves are coming.’

Motley Fool original article

‘Moderna chief scientific officer Melissa Moore stated, “As the virus spreads, it is rapidly mutating.” She added, “Some of these new viral strains appear to be even more transmissible than the original strain.”‘

Motley Fool original article

What makes this article so important, is clearly scientist are aware RIGHT NOW, that our current immunizations won’t hold mustard to this rapidly mutating COVID-19 Virus.

I took my Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine on May 4, 2021. I still have side effects. I cannot begin to tell you what a nightmare, and how sick I was for WEEKS!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t even break a fever til last weekend. That being said, I would do it again if I had to.

However, I’ve never ever ever ever had anything contagious in my ENTIRE LIFE! Not a cold, flu, chicken pox, measles, strep, NOTHING! My grandmother even tried to expose me to some, just to build my immune system. Yet, apparently, I have a super immune system. I NEVER CAUGHT ANYTHING!!!!!

Yet, in order for me to travel, or not wear a mask, or give others peace of mind, I almost was hospitalized, side note my mother was hospitalized, I took the ONE shot wonder Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Now, my husband took the Moderna. So he had two shots (which I’m certain would have killed my ass). Now they are saying we are going to need more vaccines, at least Pfizer & Moderna.are saying this, no word from J & J, yet.

The world scientist need to pull together, and figure this shit out. Enough is enough.

Today, I went to the store with my husband, brought a mask (we both did), but read the sign saying if fully vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. Well, we are, and we’re relieved to not to ‘HAVE TO’. It felt like living with a smile on my face. I don’t mind wearing a mask, I simply miss smiling at people (and I love wearing great lipsticks).

Well, now I’m wondering, maybe I should just stick with the masks (I’ll buy some clear masks, after all smiling, and lipstick). At least til they truly figure this shit out.

I have too much to live for, to die from being reckless, or lack of information. I mean, it really makes you wonder.


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