All because those who could vaccinate, CHOSE not to. Now, children are dying, and they have added fuel to a fire and everyone else is getting sick. So, what are we going to do when Gamma reaches the States. Currently it is sweeping Russia, India, and heading to Europe. Hello…it is not a question of if…it is a question of when. Vaccinate.

Children should not be subjected to possible ICU, or worse, because the parent is not following science. The elderly, should not die or suffer, because people do not vaccinate.

If you do not vaccinate, fine. You also should not be allowed in public forums (restaurants, shopping, theaters, ALL PUBLIC FORUMS!). You can go to the doctor, and that is pretty much it. Drive your own car to your own location. Enough is enough. It is because of non vaxxers, that if we go into shut down again, they will be responsible for families suicide, depression, abuse, and more. Oh, and killing the economy.

We all got TB shots, measles shots, chicken pox shots and more. Grow a pair, put your big girl panties on. Save your life and someone else’s. Enough is enough.