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For all of you ‘Anti-Vaxxers’. This literally could be you. Let that sink in. Do you really want to risk leaving your family and friends behind? Your Children? Your love? Your life? Why?

It simply is not worth the risk. Especially, with the Delta variant even more super contagious than ANY OTHER CONTAGIOUS AILMENT, except MEASLES! God only knows about the Gamma Variant. If you don’t get vaccinated for yourself, do it for those you love.

They are finding CHILDREN are highly susceptible to the Delta Variant. That alone should scare you. All children and people 12 and older should be vaccinated. You should be VACCINATED! Unless medically you can’t due to other health conditions, you should be vaccinated. Plain and simple.

No one should suffer or die because of your idiology or religion or whatever. That is just short of intention to do harm to your self, and or others, all the way to intent to murder. It, this, is that serious.

I believe UBER and Lyft are still giving free rides to get vaccinated. There simply is NO EXCUSE. IF YOU CAN BE VACCINATED, GET YOUR VACCINE.


Open SmartNews and read “Father of five dies after texting fiancee: ‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’” here:


To read it on the web, tap here: