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(I came across this concept fully executed, and thought it was beyond cool. Had to share.)

So, there are whole entire groups and clubs of people up here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) that paint rocks. Yeah, they are even on ‘Meetup’ and all these ‘social hobby group hangout’ apps. I actually think this is way cool.

I am blessed to come from such an amazing artistic family and friends. But, it never occured to me to pick up a beautiful rock and tell a story by painting on it. Beyond way cool. Can you imagine an entire walkway to a home done in painted story telling rocks. Or a fireplace? Or a yard wall?

It might take your guest a 1/2 hr or more to get to your front door, possibly your pizza man, or pot delivery guy an hour or more, but talk about how mesmerizing and beautiful. Maybe do it on the sides of the walkway. Wouldn’t want to ruin any paintings. Well, food for thought.