Let’s say you wake up with a terrible cough, fever and body ache. Immediately you go to the doctor and get diagnosed covid-19.

2 weeks ago you didn’t know you were infected. You hung out with friends for pizza, people went to your house and went to the park. You thought: I have a right to a normal life and nobody tells me what to do.

You spend like 6 days in bed feeling super bad but it goes by fast because you’re young. How exaggerated are people, right? It was 6 days and already.

Good thing you already healed, but I tell you…
Your best friend got it on that visit to your house and unknowingly visited her grandfather who uses oxygen because he has Epoc and heart problems. Now he’s dead.

Your fat friend also got it in your pizza joint; he’s in ICU and he gave it to his whole family. They won’t know for another two weeks.

The girl who charged you for take out pizza took the virus home. Her mom has multiple sclerosis, this makes her immunosuppressed. They take her to the hospital because she can’t breathe. I may die surrounded by machines.

And all this, because your mask was uncomfortable or, no one tells you what to do.
It’s not for you, it’s for everyone! It’s called responsibility and empathy.
You can copy and paste, if you agree.

It is no longer about just the mask, yeah we should still be doing that too. We have vaccines to slow or stop this progression.

I am so sick and tired of people saying they want exception because of religion, show me in any religion where it states not to take care of yourself or your fellow man, woman, child or elderly? Plus, if you are going that route, why can’t you beieve that God, or a higher being created science? Science, in fact is discovery, created by God, or a higher being (for those that don’t believe in God), that created Medicine. Therefore … You see where I am going with this.


Children between 2-18 account for 15%+ of all new COVID-19 cases (variation Delta) according to the CDC. LET THAT SINK IN.

We are the problem. Now let’s fix the problem. We all bleed red. We all have have a Mother and Father. We are all Sapiens. So, ‘We’ need to stop fighting against eachother, and really need to start helping eachother. This is no propaganda, this is reality.