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For years people, including my own family, hounded me about wanting kids. Telling me ‘I’ and, then later, ‘We’ should have kids. First of all, it was never a priority to me. I was more focused on life, living, helping others, and growing.

Then, when I got married, it was game on, boarderline harassment. We got pregnant un-expectantly, twice. It was a surprise to me, and he was happy either way. I also, miscarried, twice. Even after our heartbreaking loss, I was fine, he was fine, we were fine. We had always simply put it in our Higher Power’s Hands.

Yet, still even years later, people pressured, or would imply, why aren’t we. Plus, our social circle would change. People with children, only wanted to hang with, people with children. At least that’s how it felt.

We have, and are having, a full, and blessed life. Many of my family members, and friends have children, so we enjoy them. Not everyone wants, nor feels they must have a child. Plus, sometimes it just isn’t meant for you in this lifetime, even, if it wasn’t something you weren’t thinking about, but were fine if it happened.

It is to be noted, we did choose to have furry babies, even turtles, and fish. We adore them as any proud parent.

All that being said, I totally respect parents. Parents of two legged babies, and parents like us of furry babies, and people who are not parents. For this is a decision that is personal, to the individual or individuals, and it is never my place, or anyone else’s to judge, or force their or my opinion onto. That is called RESPECT.

Some examples from the Original Article:

It is to said, for all women, and or couples, from young ages, to late birthing ages, this is a very personal decision. The Original Article below list only 20 women, and their personal reasons why they didn’t have a child. One, even changed her mind late in her birthing years.


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