Wtf is this President of the Republic of 1776? Hello???!!! Last us sane CITIZENS of the United States of America KNOW, BELIEVE, and CONFIRM, is WE, the People…

I simply don’t get why these clearly mentally challenged people can’t except TRUMP IS GONE!!!! THANK GOD!!!! He was a liar, a thief, a cheat, a vindictive man, who was dying to be the new BIGOT, SEXIST, DICTATOR, of the U.S.A. Only looking out for his interest at ALL TIMES. Trump was like having a lunatic run the asylum.

The Republican Party really needs to clean their act up. But, these Trump idolizers seriously need to move to their own island, and he and his lunatic son can be King or Dictator. Enough already.

I mean the rest of us get you hate all things not CAUCASIAN/WHITE, with a very strong leaning tendency towards Neo-Nazi traits. Well, you hate the U.S.A. so much? GTFO!!!

Open SmartNews and read “An attendee at the Alabama Trump rally said she wanted Trump to reveal that he was still president, echoing the conspiracy theory that grips the Republican Party” here:

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