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As posted by my bestie:

With the Texas abortion ban in effect as of today, I am requesting that everyone who has been vocal about pro life contact me about learning how to be a foster parent. The system is about to get overloaded, and I am certain that all of you are eager to participate in the raising of these children who will end up in the system. If your decision was made for the good of the children, then this is your shining moment. Thank you. 😉

My response:

Did you read the WHOLE thing? Apparently it is not ONLY a ban, but ANYONE from ANY STATE CAN SUE ANYONE who took part in the ABORTION! Up to and including the freaking Uber or Lyft person that took you to the doctor to get the abortion. Talk about invasion of Civil Liberties and Rights. This is going to lead to a lot of deaths (backwoods illegal abortions), or unwanted, unplanned babies in the system, and more of a strain on Welfare and Government Programs. You know what will still be legal until they die at whatever age? Viagra! And your insurance company will cover it. Want Birth Control? You gotta pay. Were RAPED, or put into a situation, didn’t know you were pregnant until your? 2nd month? No abortion for you! This is beyond invasive. I whole heartedly agree with you.

Even if you don’t believe in abortion, what an individual (a Woman), does with their own body, while the cells are zygotes and before 10-12 weeks is NO ONE’S BUSINESS, but their own! Certainly not strangers! It takes a VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!!!

COVID pregnancies, wanted, unwanted, planned, unplanned, or forced, are at a record high. This is the most detrimental law yet. Just short of overturning Roe vs. Wade, which they are diligently working on. Damn. Damn. Damn.