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As the variants get stronger, and stronger, I wouldn’t be surprised if a COVID Vaccine does not become as frequent to humans, as Rabies Vaccines are to Dogs or Cats. Basically, every 1,2, or 3 years. That is reality.

I mean think about it…right now you qualify for your 3rd Vaccine shot after what 8 months, of your 2nd shot if you did Pfizer or Modera, just to fight the Delta strain of COVID. Meanwhile, we have Gamma, Lambda, and this closely being watched South African variant which is supposedly the most dangerous and slowly spreading. This does not include all the other variants not listed as full blown COVID killing or making ill mass quantities of people.

So for all of you non vaxxers because of ignorance, you suck! You are the reason this plague is constantly renewing itself, and gaining momentum. Are ya’ proud?

Meanwhile, me, who has never had a fuxxing Cold, Chicken Pox, Measles, Flu, NOTHING, and was almost full blown hospitalized from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, will be going for my booster. Most likely in a hospital because of my previous reaction. My poor mother had to go to the hospital because of the vaccine.

But, you know what? Both of us will be getting our boosters. Why? Our health, and others health. We are willing to go through it again to save lives. Not just our own, but others we are exposed to, and those exposed to us, 2nd hand 3rd hand and more. That is called being responsible. I can’t even remember my mother having a cold or flu in hindsight. Our allergies are genetic. But, we are going to do our boosters.

This Pandemic will not be kinda under control, until all that qualify for any of the HUMAN VACCINES, get their vaccines. That means, if you don’t, this storyline is going to be like the movie “Ground Hog Day”. It repeats itself regularly. Getting worse and worse.

Just be responsible. The long term effects of people who have had COVID-19 is mind blowing. Now, children are getting sick, they are DYING. Let that sink in.

If you can, and could prevent yourself, family members, friends, associates, or even a stranger from COVID illness, possible death, or long-term side or after effects, shouldn’t you be vaccinated.

This isn’t political, this is global. It doesn’t care how wealthy, famous, popular, loved, your identified sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, occupation, political affiliation, philosophy, or belief you have, it simply does not care.

Just get vaccinated, if you are of age, it is available, and you medically can. No where in any religious writings does God say, ‘No to vaccines or medicine’. In fact if you follow The Bible, The Torah, or Koran, no where does it say anything about healing by medicine. For in fact, if you follow any of those Religions, it clearly says God created all.

You may not like this writing, but, it is still true. I’m not trying to offend anyone. I am trying to save people from pain, loss of life, or loss of a loved one.

Open SmartNews and read “Fauci says he wouldn’t be surprised if Covid vaccines require three shots for full regimen, instead of two” here:


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