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Eleven-year old Nandi Bushell has quickly become an internet sensation, due mainly to her amazing musical talent. The young drum prodigy has also garnered a lot of attention in 2020 when she initiated an epic virtual drum battle with famous musician Dave Grohl.

Months after Bushell’s legendary drum-off with the Foo Fighters frontman, she finally got to meet him in person. On Thursday, August 26, she joined Grohl and the rest of the band on stage in front of a live audience at The Forum in Inglewood, California to perform their 1997 hit Everlong—the song that sparked Bushell and Grohl’s heartwarming exchange.“This person inspired me last year so much,” Grohl tells the screaming crowd before bringing Bushell onto the stage. “Because, in a time when you would pick up your phone or turn on a computer and all you had was bad news, for that one day you could pick up your phone and see this connection between two people that have never met making music together and spreading joy and love all across the world.”

After coming onstage, Bushell threw her arms into the air with joy as Grohl led the audience in a chant of her name—“Nandi! Nandi”—before she took her place at the drum kit. And after showering her with many more words of praise, Grohl finally turned to the young girl and started playing the opening notes to Everlong. A natural performer, Bushell twirled her drumstick above her head before ripping into the uptempo drumbeat.
“It happened!!!” Bushell excitedly wrote in the caption of a backstage video her father recorded. “It was EPIC!!!”

And her sheer joy is more than warranted. Because not only did she fulfill her dream of jamming with Grohl and the Foo Fighters, but she was also called “the most badass drummer in the world” by the famed musician. If that’s not a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then what is?

The young drum prodigy posted a backstage view of her epic performance of Everlong with the band!

It really has been fun to watch this prodigy grow in on an instrument that you don’t normally think of for girls or women. I myself am very very fond of drums. So much so when my family bought me a full drum kit when I was about 7, I just went to town. Good hand eye coordination. I will most definitely continue to watch her develop and watch their banter.

Scroll down to watch the full video of Bushell’s performance of Everlong with the Foo Fighters.

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