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The total running time for the forthcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die has been revealed… and it’s the longest 007 instalment ever.

No Time to Die stars Daniel Craig in his final appearance as Bond, with Rami Malek appearing as the villain.

Some fans have bemoaned the hefty runtime, with many speculating that the film, which clocks in at 163 minutes, could be unnecessarily long.

“Why is the new James Bond movie 2 hours 43 minutes long,” wrote one Twitter user. “Does that include a cocktail break. did they add another minute for every week of delays.”

“I don’t know whether to be excited or dreadful about No Time To Die being almost 3 hours long,” wrote someone else.

“It’s horses for courses,” said another Twitter user. “I don’t mind Tarkovsky being over two and a half hours long, I don’t mind slow cinema. But I want different things from a James Bond film.”

“I’m not against long movies in general, but does a James Bond movie really need to be almost 3 hours?” asked a fourth person. “Films like [On Her Majesty’s Secret Service] and Casino Royale certainly earn their long runtimes, but we’re 20 minutes past even those films here.”

Others, however, argued that a long running time is not necessarily an indicator of over-indulgence.

“Runtimes are runtimes,” wrote one fan. “If the movie uses its time well, who cares. Seven Samurai is [nearly] 4 hours long, and one of the finest movies ever made.”

“You know what? Make No Time to Die four hours long. I don’t care. It’s Bond. I’ll be there,” wrote another.

I’m a hardcore ‘Bond’ fan. I’ve seen them all so many times. Each time I try and block out the storyline’s characters and storyline before the movie starts. I do this so I get as much of a ‘new’ experience of watching that ‘Bond’ film again. I just love the ‘Bond’ films. Curious to find out who will be our new ‘Bond’. I have some ideas. I’ve listed them below. No particular order of choice.

Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Sam Heughan, Regé-Jean Page, Henry Gold, Dev Patel, Harry Styles, Damien Lewis, Robert Pattinson (but he’s the new Batman, so…) definitely someone English, or Scottish, or British, or Irish.

What are your thoughts? What do you think of the length of the new ‘Bond’ film with Daniel Craig? What do you think of my suggestions for Daniel Craig’s ‘Bond’ replacement? What are your suggestions for a new James Bond? Put your thoughts in the ‘COMMENTS’ section.

No Time to Die is scheduled to be released in cinemas on 30 September.

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