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I have heard so much about this vitamin. As you may know, I have written a blog post about how IMPORTANT SELENIUM is for hair health and growth. But, there are so many other features and MEGA BENEFITS of SELENIUM as well. I wanted to highlight the benefits. Simply, because they are so IMPORTANT.

Please make sure to click one of the links at the bottom of the page, as it inspired me to really emphasize how IMPORTANT it is to have 100-200 mcg of SELENIUM per day. Whether it be in your diet, nutrition, foods, or supplements, which can be NON VEGAN or VEGAN based.

As a person that was raised taking vitamins, and eating my nutrients as well, I’m surprised I didn’t know just how important SELENIUM is to the body as a whole. Just how much this trace mineral effects so many functions.

Though, I eat, many SELENIUM based foods. Since I stopped doing that as much, I should have been taking a supplement for sure. As I identify with some of these short comings.

For me I will be taking a combination of vitamins, in a blended vitamins and diet adjustment approach. As, my husband and I are doing a lifestyle change and sailing around the world, as liveaboards, it is more critical now than ever I have my ‘A’ game going, as in be my best, healthiest, and strongest. Our life has become an adventure, and we can’t wait.

My combination, which I recommend only taking what you need, is as follows:

  • Salmon/Lox increase
  • Seafood increase
  • Turkey increase
  • Lentil increase
  • Selenium 200mcg supplement (max recommended)
  • Magnesium supplement
  • Vitamin C supplement
  • Vitamin D supplement 10,000 IU, as I have a deficiency, and burn thru my D, per my doctor
  • Calcium

It is important to speak with your doctor or pharmacist when taking vitamins, as there can be a prescription drug reaction. Also, KNOW THE PROPER DOSAGE! If you want to take a high dose, KNOW THE MAXIMUM DOSE!!! TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING CAN BE BAD! MOST IMPORTANTLY KNOW YOUR BODY!!! Do not be afraid to speak to your doctor or pharmacist ever. Your pharmacist, knows more than just drugs. Be open to a nutritionist. Do your research.

I highly recommend these books and quick reference guide by Earl Mindell, RPh, PhD, and partners. They can be found on Amazon, various nutrition stores, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods I believe carry them too, a lot of times just everywhere seemingly. I have bought his books since the 80s. As for the quick reference chart, I found one in a UPS Store! Look for it any place they sell quick reference cards.

I am a firm believer knowledge is power. Having some power over how you feel is physically and mentally, great. Some things you can’t control, or take care of, but, many things you can. This is one way you can.

Namaste, wishing you a healthy, long life.


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