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As you know, I am travelling to possibly Grenada this season. But, I have a feeling Puerto Rico is where I want to be, at least for right now. #TrustGod

Now that I’m only semi delirious from mosquito gate, here is the proper story.

So, my honest opinion of Bimini, Bahamas, and Bimini Cove Resort and Marina. Bimini is a beautiful, a gracious gem. I highly recommend. Bimini Cove Resort and Marina…the people are amazing. It is a very nice rural (everybody knows everybody) kinda marina (just think of a happy ‘Cheers’ marina). $2.0/ft/day, $150/week, (see Fritz), Hospitality 4.9, Service 4.9, cost 5.0, location 4.7. Scale 0-5, 5 being best. Now, as liveaboards, we had some adventures getting to our slip, their help was 5.0. as newbie owners to a Beneteau Oceanis 50, with a 6′ draft, they are 6.0. But, everyone is amazing, and so nice. We went to a very fun dinner/bar/pool/juke box/fun place (Thirsty Turtle), you stroll there. Everyone waves, as you pass. Very heart warming. We hear it can be quite fun. (We went on a Sunday, so very low key day) But, on our way back… run for your life, literally thousands of mosquitoes!!!!!! (note: you can not out run a swarm of mosquito). Upon leaving, I am in so much pain and swelling, as I am allergic to them.

The Bartender had told us the story of one patron, a friend of hers, trying to run, running and swatting, to try and out run the mosquito. I thought it was a parable. Definitely, did not think it was fact!!! I would post a pic of me, however, seeing how it is really bad. My husband too, nawww, and nope. I look like I have chicken pox. Hard pass.

I asked her what can you do, and she went to college in S. Florida (gives you context), her response was, ” ‘Off’ doesn’t work, clothes don’t work, garlic doesn’t work, the answer…stay inside.” Meanwhile, I want her to teach me how to snorkel and possibly scuba. How insane. She is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, because I am most likely going to look like chicken pox on steroids, that were on illegal steroids+, I’m in HE#L!!!! On the flip side, some of the prettiest water I have ever seen (pics tomorrow, hopefully), and nicest people. Do you know almost everyone here, whether driving or walking by, waves, and says ‘hello’? What a beautiful people. Kindness.

Now, is there some new shot I need? For I’m certain to be 100+ mosquito bites? If they get any larger, call me ‘toto’. As in my arse be flown away. Now, for those without allergic reaction to mosquitoes, this is that warm cozy kitchen, that local bar, where you feel at home, or, that gentle smile, that welcomes you in on a Sunday afternoon all wrapped in one.

Will I go back to the restaurant bar again, sure. I’m fearless like that. Will I wear long sleeves and drive, yep. Life is short. Live large, try not to become ‘toto’. Smile.

A simple ferry taxi takes you across to North Bihimi and shop, eat, and play some more. It’s the island you can be at, so small, yet, no one would ever find you, and your community would never tell either. Great people.

Oh, and we did book a slip for a week $150. Yes, we needed help getting out of sand (our boat drafts 6′), they came and moved our boat (always tip), got us into slip, all is well. Oh, and they take pets too.

Trivia: this is also where Ernest Hemingway hid out. Bimini. Who knew? I was wondering about the cats. There are a lot of beautifully maintained kitties here, free roam. Totally makes sense. I’ll keep you posted. We are here for a week. Then, Chub Cay. Weather is crap til then. Hunker down folks if heading south.