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As you may, or may not know, I love stuffed animals. Specifically Teddy Bears, and Sea Life. Lately, I’m into the psychedelic pattern stuffed animals. I’ve been a stuffed animal lover since as long as I can remember. I even put a new showcase Teddy Bear in the center of our Christmas Tree every year.

All of that being said, I wish I knew this trick years ago. All of our furry baby pups (Harry, Happy, Hugo, and even Hercules) have taken a liking to at least one of my bears (sometimes quite intimately, lol 😂🤪🤣😆😂). They’re all boys 😜🤪🤣🤣👀☠️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂. That’s all I gotta say. Of course, I’m sure girl doggies violate Teddy Bears too! Lol!

Many a bear may have been saved if I knew this years ago! Plus, I sleep on them. They’re just cozy and support my head and neck well. I even spritz them with vanilla or lavender to help me relax and sleep.

So, definitely going to start doing this trick! Oh, and yes, I am most definitely still a big playful kid at heart 🥰🤪😜❤️