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I totally agree with Ana Navarro. If we are to judge Artists and people in general, by their personal actions vs contributions to society, we literally would be cancelling 3/4 or more artists, and 4/5ths of people in general out there. She states she does NOT agree, nor condone ‘the slap’.

I would gather we all, as adults, in modern times, have had some ill judgement moment, and some of us, moments. Should that define us? Should that define us indefinitely? Should that cancel all of the good that we have done. Albeit, this does not include abuse, rape, murder, pedophilia, animal abuse, and etc. I’m simply talking about missteps.

Even in the ‘Old Testament’, it is clearly stated, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. In this particular instance with Will Smith, I shall not cast the first stone, nor any. Do I condone it, or agree with his actions, NO. Do I understand how it happened, yes. Do I think he should be cancelled, no.

I mean for f*ck sake, we elected (not me) a former PRESIDENT of our country, that said “when you’re rich, you can grab them by the pussy”. We have Neo Nazi’s in active government. We have rapist running entertainment studios, and jobs. Yet, we are getting bent out of shape over a slap? If that’s the case, we need to go back, like way back in this deal.

So, you can say ‘hate bigotry sh*t (insert Mel Gibson, and so many others in Hollywood and abroad), use the endless ‘Casting Couch’, have ‘Kiddie Porn’, on the DL, oh, don’t forget the ‘Epstein’s’ and their supply chain of neophyte guys and dolls to the Elite food chain, and we’ll let that slide. Even something as basic as ‘drug and alcohol crazy’ slide. But, a slap (though wrong, we all can pretty much agree on), we are ‘to the gallows’? What kinda hypocrisy is that?

I think this is a larger than life endless moment, not because of the action itself, (the slap). Rather because of the two, should I say, three people involved. Two of which are beloved entertainers, who over decades made us laugh, cry, and think. There is a standard we hold them higher to than most people. Then, this crazy incident happens. Now, everyone wants to spill their ‘tea’, then either ship to the gallows, or praise.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we have COVID, War, real Nuclear threat, food shortages, hate crimes, shipping and commerce delays, outages and such, inflation, and ever rising hard core crime happening. That’s just some of the issues. I for one agree with Ana Navarro.

Will Smith (the actor), makes good, sometimes great movies. Chris Rock (the comedian) can be funny as hell. Will Smith (the person), is a work in progress, and made a really bad impulsive, non life threatening decision, and I’m sure other decisions as well. Chris Rock (the person), is a work in progress, has made many impulsive bad decisions. Does that cancel them out individually? As artists? No. Does their personal life involve me? No. Was I the one slapped? No. Was I the one personally insulted? No. Was I a spectator? Yes. Hell, if you were like me at first, you thought it was scripted. Simply because it seemed so…until it became surreal.

Hell, if I had a penny for every ACTUAL FIGHT various actors, athletes, public personas, have gotten into over my lifetime, I would be richer than hell! Perfect example. Another beloved actor John Hurt, it has now come out that he beat his women. Then apologized, to only do it again. My list is long for the ‘Serial Cheaters’, ‘Thieves’, ‘Bar Room Brawlers’, ‘Strip Club Shooters’, now a days straight up murderers, and more.

I’m just saying we need to put this all in perspective.


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