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What did all of these hypocritical male (and female) politicians think was going to start happening? More and more cases are going to happen. They have a problem with abortion, even on the victims of rape and incest. Yet they have zero problem with VIAGRA. Many of them also have a problem with the concept of a vesectomy. Doing all this whilst hiding behind religion.

Meanwhile, women will be forced back into ‘coat hanger’ abortions, or ‘physical harm’ abortions, or some may even try poisons, or medically ‘quack’ concepts, or finally suicide.

To not have the exception for rape, or incest, is beyond cruel and inhumane. To the woman, and the child, now forced into life. Every time the woman looks at the child, she will be reminded of the worst thing that has happened to her. The abuse, the violation, the assault. This will trigger many mental issues in the woman, and ultimately the child. Namely, PTSD, animosity, resentment, rage, suicidal tendencies, acute depression, and more.

I can only imagine for the woman (or child) suffering from Postpartum Depression, and/or continued sexual abuse.

Then, as if all this is not bad enough, to permit friends and family or whomever be able to legally sue the woman due to the abortion is just down right evil and insane.

This is true evilness and hatred of women. A true assault. She wasn’t just assaulted once, but now, over and over again. That is the choice these women controlling states have chosen. It is basically murder, just in a different way. How can they possibly justify this. They simply can’t.

Open SmartNews and read “Texas Woman, 26, Charged With Murder After Alleged ‘Self-Induced Abortion’” here:


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