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I have recently started working out again. I feel it is time for me to get back in the spotlight to really advance my purpose with Leila World Blog. I have quite a few things I want to do, and experience, with the readers, and future subscribers.

We are currently in temporary housing (an apartment), while we prep and sell our boats here in Houston, Texas. One of the perks is a killer gym, trails, and pool on site. We are also surrounded by awesome personal trainers, and various great gyms. I am actually getting back into kick boxing, taking up circuit training, and getting into weight training. It’s time for the ‘A’ game Leila’s full return. She’s been checked out for a while regarding her fitness, or being in shape (I’m freakishly healthy, but need to get in shape!) because this little thing called ‘life’. Its time for me to shine again.

I’ll be blogging about my new phase I’m entering. Getting camera ready, and taking my blog to newer heights. More content. More access. More of my take. Looking at life from a different perspective. Learning from each other. Having fun along the way.

Really hope you enjoy this new phase.

Please click on the link below, for a good fitness article, that is very similar to the type of journey I will be doing.

Open SmartNews and read “‘Key to losing weight’ is not diet or excessive exercise – best way to ‘shed pounds’” here:


To read it on the web, tap here: