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So, my therapist from Las Vegas (Dr. Jim Jobin, considered one of the best in the city, and nation), recommended I use the App ‘Meetup‘. I highly recommend it. It helps you to connect with others on topics and activities that you have in common others. Anything from painting to dancing, gaming to hiking, meditation to cooking, everything in between, and more. It was suggested to me so I would get out of my own way, and out of my own head. It works nationally. I cannot tell you enough how much fun, growth, and insight I have gained. I recently updated my address to reflect Houston, specifically South Shore Harbor/Kemah/League City. So glad I did.

The ‘Meetup’ app breaks it down by your interests, and/or location. Many things are in person. However, many are also via Zoom.

The ‘Meetup’ app is available via iTunes Store, Apple Store, Google Play, Pintrest, or you can sign-in via Google. Simply type in ‘Meetup App’ in your browser, and you will be directed how to.

I signed up for this weekly Self Improvement Zoom Meetup. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Basically, you focus on one affirmation a week. Every Sunday at 7:30am CST. It was so well organized, packed with reference material to explore on your own. Interactive. Very intellectually, and identifiably, well put together. I highly recommend. It’s only 1/2 hr. a week. But, better than some 3 hr. sessions I’ve done elsewhere. So, if interested, check it out.

Checkout this Meetup with Self-Improvement Movement (Inspired by Tony Robbins etc):

Each week we will focus on one topic to get your day and week off to a great start. Inspired by the great speakers of our time including Tony Robbins, Rob Dial, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown and the like:

Change your mindset
Live your mission
Financial Freedom
Who am I at my core?
Constant Improvement
Change your story
Work / Life Integration
Feed your mind w/greatness
Keep momentum going
…and more!

This group is for individuals and couples. This is definitely NOT ‘Couple’s Therapy’. This is more along the style of a ‘Life Coach’ + applying ‘Affirmations’. I think we all have need to improve in our life. As far as I’m concerned, it starts with me, and radiates out.

Like stated today, “you cannot give or share what you do not have”. Another great takeaway, “Be the best version of your self”.

Some of the notes I took from today, and mind you I was late because I had to take my pups out, so I arrived 15 minutes late into the Zoom Meetup.

It was recommended we check out Author Sally Hogshead books: ‘How the World Sees Me’, and ‘Fascinate’ (to be noted there is also now and updated and revised version).

We continued on with stating there are two things we have absolute control of: 1) What we think. 2) What we do.

We also went on to discussion for a moment ‘Manifestations’. He used a great analogy – you manifest to the universe ‘I want to be rich’, a person gives you a dollar. Guess what you’re now a dollar richer. ‘I want to meet someone, fall in love’. You meet someone and fall in love. ‘I will get a job’, you get a job.

Here is where we expanded those thoughts. IN APPLYING ‘MANIFESTATIONS’ AND ‘AFFIRMATIONS’, YOU NEED TO BE SPECIFIC! For, someone can give you a dollar, that has not made you rich, simply a dollar richer. ‘I want to meet someone, fall in love’ – well you met someone, you fell in love, but is it the type of person you pictured in your life? Is it the type of love you wanted? Did you accept and give because you are happy and content? Did you compromise? Or, did you concede this is the best you can get, thus resign to this is all life has, and you deserve?

It goes back to that adage, ‘if you can see it, you can achieve it’. Even if ‘seeing it’ means in your dreams, heart, third eye, soul, whatever. Of course we are talking about within human reasons though. Don’t go dreaming you can marry JLo (pre Ben), or Brad Pitt. Don’t go thinking you are going to take over Apple or Google tomorrow. So, within reason folks.

He used a few phrases I really loved. “In trying to help someone else be better, you become better.” Or, my new favorite:

“Energy flows where focus goes.” Meaning if you are focused on your goals, you will direct your energy there, towards your goals, and not get distracted by general day to day distractions. He gave the analogy you are on your way to do something, you’re focused, holding a cup of coffee. Someone bumps into you spilling some coffee. Because you are focused on your goal, you acknowledge it, and move on. You are focused on your goal. However, same scenario, you have have no goal, no focus, guess what, now you are extremely focused on that spilled coffee. Blowing out of proportion the actual event, wasting energy, and not focusing on what is important, a goal you want to achieve.

He also recommended for singles and couples to check out reading, ‘The 5 Languages of Love’ – by Gary Chapman. The reviews are off the charts. This is both a great read and interactive activity for the Individual looking for love, and the Couple, the Throple, and etc. Hey, I don’t judge, to each their own, as long as they are consenting adults. I’m open minded that way. Not my thing, but, I know a few. Basically, what you, and your current or future partner(s), want in a relationship individually, and how to communicate to them. So you’re on the same page. Communication in the right context is EVERYTHING!

Basically, Gary Chapman breaks it down to 5 Languages of Love. Everyone is different, therefore, they want to be shown love differently. 1) The person that wants words of affirmation. 2) The person that wants quality time. 3) The person that wants physical touch. 4) The person that wants acts of service. And, 5) The person that wants to receive gifts. There are quizzes and more within his books to help define you and what you are looking for at your core, and your partner(s).

He goes on to talk about three negative things females and males may feel in a relationship.

For females: 1) Unseen. 2) Unheard. 3) Unsafe.

For males: 1) Closed off, excluded. 2) Critizied. 3) Emasculated, controlled.

He went on to ask each attendee what was their biggest takeaway from today’s Meetup session. Mine was to be more transparent with my emotions and thoughts. Not, closed off, or excluding. He responded by stating, many times we put these walls up to protect ourselves, when in fact we make ourselves prisoners. Wow. Talk about looking at it from a different perspective!

All of that came out of just 15 minutes! Can you imagine 30?!?!!!! So can’t wait til next Sunday. For sure I am going to try some of these other classes and groups. Oh, and did I mention this is a FREE group!!!

(Awesome Moderators Dat Lien and partner)

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