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If you receive a friend request from me. Please reply yes. Or, please friend me, or follow me. So, it was only a matter of time before I was hacked. I’m actually pretty cautious in this regards, especially considering what I do.

So, Saturday I was asked to help a friend log into her face book so she could recover her account. Unbenounced to either of us, I went to sleep and woke up an hour later to find my phone hacked! I couldn’t log in via by user name, email, or password. So, I’ve spent most of the weekend trying to recover my 10 years worth of posts and information. Submitted a query to Facebook, and am starting on setting up my Facebook Profile Page, my various blog pages and group pages.

Please share with family and friends so they know what’s up. I’m absolutely devastated.

You can follow me under Leila von Steinburg Morse on Facebook.

For all that follow Leila World Blog, please follow me directly at Leila con Steinburg Morse. When I have the problem resolved, or corrected, I will contact you to switch your over, or automatically switched you over.

I apologize for this crazy inconvenience. I am trying to fix this issue as soon as possible so we can get to our juicy stuff.