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It always amazes me how ancient cultures were so much evolved and knowledgeable without the use of technology, advance electronics, or advance sciences. All from living off of the planet, and working with nature, instead of controlling nature, or manipulating it artificially.

I mean look at how they cultivated the land. Built structures worldwide 1/16″ off to the measurements. Built structures that have lasted centuries, and centuries beyond. Absolutely mind blowing.

It makes me wonder when did we start the process of dumbing down our lives, and minds? I consider electronics, and technology, assets in our lives. Yet, along the way, we increasingly have stopped relying on our deductive reasoning thought processes. Almost as if our creative and deductive thought processes have become dull, and inept. Our appreciation for earth, its natural gifts, and protecting them, and the earth, have seemingly fallen by the waste side.

We really should think about that. For right now it looks like in all the major aspects of life we are regressing, instead of progressing. We need to be the change, for a bright future ahead. We need to stop stifling evolution, and instead, work with it.

I have a new philosophy I am adapting to my life. Try to improve 1% at a time and build on that, instead of 100% out the gate, all the time, on everything instantly. Thus leaving myself no room for error. By doing this method, I am more likely to evolve, than be stagnant, or stop, and the worse, not learn, and instead beat myself up, and in the future look for the easiest, and quickest solution possible, even if not the the smartest, or most efficient, and effective. I am more likely to find the best solutions and steps to moving forward, for the best outcome in building, progressing, and evolving. Thus, being more mindfully productive, and achieving my ultimate goal.

Really thinking a solution through. Much like our ancestors worldwide did. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Be integrated, open minded, and adaptable.