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Who knew Macy’s now has a Toys R Us store inside of every Macy’s? I don’t know how that slipped by me. Last I heard anything about Toys R Us they were rebranding to Geoffrey’s right?

I remember growing up, Toys R Us was the go to store for all things children toys and entertainment, especially on the West Coast. F.A.O. Schwarz was East Coast King, and Toys R Us was West Coast King. Then you had the specialty shops for various hobbies, and interest, or your mom pop local stores.

Then one day Toys R Us was announcing that they were filing bankruptcy? Wow, was totally shocked. I suppose Amazon and online shopping squeezed them out.

Then I heard they were rebranding to Geoffrey’s, specifically Geoffrey’s Toy Box I think. I know for years they worked with F.A.O. Schwarz. Can you tell I am a true kid at heart?

Hey, I absolutely love Macy’s, so I think this could be great. Your thoughts? Childhood memories?

Now if they could just bring back Sharper Image. I loved that catalog too. I would grab that magazine as soon as I boarded a plane, then ordered the catalog.

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