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My Cartoon Self 😂

OMGGGGGGG!!!! You gotta watch the new series on Netflix called ‘1899‘. Season 1/ 8 episodes/ TV-MA/ 1hr ea./ bingeworthy/ Dark, gritty, suspenseful, edgy, delicious.


Also, after ‘1899’, I have the movie ‘1922‘, based on a Stephen King Novevella. 1hr. 42min/ 2017 release/ TVMA./ Dark secrets kinda vibe

1983‘, Dark Alt History Thriller series/ 8 episodes/ TV-MA/ 1hr ea/ 2018 release

Disappearance At Clifton Hill‘ movie/ 2020 release/ TV-MA/ Noir/ Crime/ 1hr 40min

The Good Nurse‘ movie/ Tense true crime thriller/ 2022 release/
2hr. 3min/ R/

Make sure to check out ‘The Watcher‘ too!/ 2022 release/ 7 episodes/ 1hr ea/ TV-MA/ Thriller/ Who is it vibe

Lets not forget the delish show ‘The Sandman‘/ 11 episodes/ TV-MA/ 2022 release/ Mythology, folklore, occult, creationism

Or, Guillermo del Toro’s delish ‘Cabinet of Curiosities‘/ 8 episodes/ 1hr ea/ 2022 release/ TV-MA/ Sister secrets, bizarre encounters, terrifying monsters/ delish

Or, ‘Inside Man‘/ starring Stanley Tucci/ 4 episodes/ TV-MA/ 2022 release/ 1 hr ea/ Human nature questioning/

Or, ‘The Witcher‘/ starring Henry Cavill/ 2 seasons/ 8 episodes ea/ 45-60 min ea/ TV-MA/ Fantasy Series/ think Game of Thrones with magic, mystic, and monsters

Or, ‘The Originals’/ 5 seasons/ (seasons 1-3) 22 episodes ea, (seasons 4-5) 13 episodes ea/ 2018 release/ 45min ea/ TV-14/ Vampires, Witches, Werewolfs, Combos, New Orleans

Or, ‘iZombie‘/ Dr on fast track now turned a zombie, turned crime silver who gets insights from eating the brains of murder victims/ 5 seasons/ 13 episodes (except season 2 w/19 episodes/ 45 min ea

Or, ‘Down To Earth with Zac Effron‘/ Zac Effron & Darin Olien/ TV-PG/ 2seasons/ 30-45+ min ea/ very informative on nature, earth, our footprint on earth

These should keep you in your ‘Netflix and chill’ moment for a bit. 😂🤣😄