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I intentionally avoid spaces that require a reduced version of ME! I want to be ME, ALWAYS and ABUNDANTLY.

For most of my life, I have lived by other people’s expectations or goals other than myself. I now live for life, and my expectations, and goals, of me. Which I am learning far exceed everyone else’s knowledge.

I am learning, NO ONE knows what you are capable of other than you. How strong you are, what your true character is, what you are in all your facets. Trust me when I say, I am full of surprises, and incredible strength. My heart is big enough to swallow oceans, planets, and beyond, and fill them with love. My mind, vast enough, to look beyond me, us, and ours, and see we, and beyond. That is my gift from God (or who ever guides you). Blessed. Grateful.

My curiosity knows no limit. My heart knows no boundaries. For that, I look forward to constantly learning, laughing, living, experiencing, being in the moment, being in the now, and growing. Growing with you, and growing in life..Growing for me.