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So did you know the ‘TeePee’ Christmas Tree’ is a real thing. Apparently, you set up your mini TeePee in your house or yard, and cover it with Garland, Lights, and Decorations. You then can either sleep in it, or put your presents inside it. Absolutely brilliant.

You can have it indoors or outdoors. Backyard or front yard. Traditional Canvas Tent or Simple Wood Frame Tent. Basically, anything you can build a Fort Tent out of.

Pretty cool.

Tree #1
Tree #2
Tree #3

She covered a TEEPEE with GARLAND 😍 No kids? you can put presents IN the tree!

“Finally got the tree up and couldn’t be happier, I think my grandkids are gonna love it!”

via – Shawna Malone

source – https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3269063863421903

Who knew? I think I’m going to try this next year when we are back in Washington State.

I mean the possibilities are endless. You can be super creative. Especially since Garland is much easier to work with.