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We love our Samsung TVs. However, LG, Vizio, and Roku, are great too.

Did you know if you have a smart tv, or laptop, you can use the Free Pluto App? On which you can watch local news from other cities nationwide, plus movies, shows, and more. Thus, I’m in South Shore Harbor (Kemah/Houston) watching CBS News Los Angeles, on KCAL TV Station, where my family and friends are primarily. But, I can see the following areas news as well:

Bay Area
DFW (Dallas)
Los Angeles
New York
Central Florida
West Florida and more

Way cool, especially if you have family and friends in other places. Keeping in the know about local weather, sports, and more.

Geez, we have most of the channels it seems. We typically have a TV, Tablet, or Screen, in all of our rooms. We also have a TV on in the background while I write, cook, research, do art, or read…while my hubby works online, trades, does research, or reads. And of course when we work out (I like to row, and he cycles). So here we go, our App Channel Lineup:

LG Channels
Amazon Prime
Apple TV
HBO and HBO Max
YouTube TV

I think I just need Hulu, and possibly Stars.

However, we live and work out of our house. So, we typically set it up like our personal compound fortress zen fun house, lol. So, for us we are all about our electronics and toys. Gotta have great devices to watch your programming on. We love our Samsung TVs, Tablets, and Samsung Vues. Then sound wise we do Sonos, LG, Klipsch, Bose, McIntosh, and Apple Beats, throughout our house.

Our next toys will be the Episode Vision EF12 Smart Projector by Epson, Yamaha 3D Surround Sound System, primarily for gameroom and outdoor viewing. We take our entertainment very seriously.

I know some people laugh at us, and this concept. I get it 🤣🤣🤣. However, you know we’re all doing it though. I don’t know anyone who has enhanced cable, let alone basic cable anymore. Whereas, EVERYONE we know has internet, a smart tv, smartphone, and almost everyone a smart tablet.

Hell, when cable is $120-150/mo or more, plus, the added cost of internet, and you are at the mercy of their programming directors, constant repeating of the same movies, or old movies, why do cable? Don’t get me started on my Hubby’s serious hate of commercials. Plus, I prefer to watch shows that are designed for Adults, and the way people actually speak. I’m not a fan of censored or edited dialogue per se. So, we watch a lot of 16+, or TVMA programming.

Like life, we want viewing and music our way. Who doesn’t? If you can, most likely, you will. Seeing how it is usually just us, and our furry babies, and we entertain occasionally, might as well truly enjoy your personal compound fortress zen fun house.

How do you watch and listen to your shows, news, sports, videos, and more?