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So you all know I love to cook. Even though we are moving next week, and we’ve been sick with allergies, I managed to get some cooking in this week 😁. We had a big day today, so we decided to go to our favorite neighborhood taqueria for lunch, San Lorenzo’s Taqueria, here in South Shore Harbor, League City, Texas.

I actually ordered something different on their menu, as it was presented in a style I hadn’t tried or made before. Their new to me version of Mexican Lasagna. I’ve made and eaten Mexican Lasagna in a variety of ways, 4 different ways to be exact, but never this way.

I’ve made and eaten from others Mexican Lasagna in these various ways: 1) layered using flour tortillas, 2) layered using corn tortillas, 3) layered using pasta, 4) using a pasta sheet, and creating individual rolls that are cooked in a pan with sauce. However, they created a crispy corn tortilla you would use for a tostada, layered it with a creamy bean sauce, then refried beans, top with Mexican cheese, add deliciously cooked juicy and tender shredded Pork Carnitas meat, and repeat the layers 3 times. Finally topping it off with a pickled onion, carrot, jalapeno slaw. All this, served with a perfect chunky creamy Spicy Avocado Salad. Needless to say, I will be adding this dish to my repertoire.

A simple dish that really seems like dish you could make if you wanted to impress. Of course I will be making some slight changes, making it with my own spin. You know what I always say, “a recipe is meant to be a guideline to your creative palate”.

So here are some of my dishes from this week, and of course, my yummy lunch from today.