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I heard about ‘Tranq’ last Summer 2022. I’ve actually written two in depth blog pieces about ‘Tranq’. One in October 2022, and another in November 2022. This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM. We aren’t even at the tip of the iceberg to what an epidemic this drug will be, as drug abuse is at epic levels world wide, and especially here in the U.S.

My detailed blog pieces:




This drug does not discriminate my age, race, nationality, sex, religion, economic level, education level. It simply doesn’t care, is cheap, and readily available seemingly anywhere and almost everywhere. This includes, schools, churches, homes, grocery stores, and more. Stay alert folks. This isn’t a club drug, or just a street drug.

I found this on 04/12/2023 on NewsBreak: White House says fentanyl laced with ‘tranq’ drug is ’emerging threat’, read the Biden Administration Declaration here:


Or here:


Read and watch video as published today 04/12/2023 from CNN regarding what we in the U.S. are facing, and is now becoming a Worldwide Tranq Drug Epidemic, especially affecting the U.S. in the link below: